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I will be better at writing over there.

I hope you like it.

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Warp Speed Through Turn Four

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I am excited. The race season officially starts for me first thing in the morning.
I head off for Daytona bright and early. It will take me all day to get there from California but it is something that I look forward to every year.
Daytona is something that every race fan should experience once. At least once!
This year I am taking two new comers to the track. One, is a good friend of mine who will come in late Thursday night. We’ll spend the next three days living and breathing NASCAR. She is a great new fan.. got hooked in the middle of last season and is now attending our biggest race for her very first race. I’ll show her what’s left of the beach course and the Streamline, the Best Damn Garage and the little pockets of racing history that linger all through Daytona Beach.
The second person who I am bringing along won’t actually be “with” me. It is the Tax Assessor with whom I happened to strike up a conversation with at┬ádinner party for my day job. Since I talk racing and NASCAR all the time, the subject eventually came up.

He was so excited! Apparently, his personal bucket list consists of the major sporting events around the World, and I could help him navigate one big one, the Daytona 500. ­čśÇ I helped him get seats that I thought would make him enjoy the race the most, and will meet up with him and the folks he is travelling with at the Nationwide race grandstands.

I truly believe that the way to get new fans involved in NASCAR is to show them our sport. Our fast, heart pounding, history filled, fast and beautiful sport. I am thrilled to bring two new fans to our stands.

If you happen to be at the Daytona 500 you can find me hanging out at the ISC Archives, the Tweet-up, the Duels, the Truck race, the Nationwide Race and the very tip top of the stands in Turn Four for the 500. Come say hello!


A great piece from Bob over at 4Ever3 on the importance of local race tracks. It reminds me a lot of what the Petaluma Fairground track went through.
Folks moving next to a race track and then complaining about it. We lose short tracks and home tracks each and every year. It sucks.

This is one of the things that means the most to me in my quest to try to ensure people understand how important race track heritage is. Local history, local pride and local legends are alive at every home town track.

Clickity! The Tale of a Grandstand

There was a really interesting comment on my Ranting & Raving column yesterday about whether or not the new points system is one more piece of losing the “old school” in NASCAR.

I don’t think┬ánecessarily┬áso, but I also think that this might be the start of an interesting discussion. If you would like to follow or join in the conversation, come on back over to Ranting & Raving.
I’m curious to see what folks think.
Ranting & Raving- 35 Years Follow Up


Hey everyone!
My new post at Ranting and Raving is up. With the announcement of the points changes to the series, I thought that it would be interesting to take a quick peek at the points systems over the years. It isn’t as easy as it sounds!

I also have a few tidbits about what was going on in NASCAR in 1975, come take a peek!

35 Years of Counting to 175

NASCAR just announced the schedule for 2011! Phew, Martinsville kept both dates and the west was re-sorted just a bit.
The season will also see an addition, Kentucky Speedway. The Bluegrass State hasn’t had a Cup race since 1954. Hop on over to NASCAR Ranting and Raving for a peek at 1954.
You know that I don’t have that much to say about another 1.5 miler being added to the season. Really. Short tracks! Give me short tracks!!
Here you go!


Clicky!┬áAnother 1.5 Miler? Let’s Talk 1954!

Hi all!
Usually, I would push my own column, which you should of course read:
This week, instead of focusing on Watkins Glen, I thought that I would look at the year that NASCAR stepped away from the track. I hope you enjoy it.

But today, I found the column written by Jeff Gluck, (a fellow SBN columnist) extraordinarily interesting.
Head on over and read a first hand account on what it is like to be a NASCAR spotter. Gluck had a super unique opportunity to spot for Boris Said at the Glen yesterday. I really enjoyed reading about it, and I think that you will too!