I know, intermittent posting hardly even covers it. But, I kind of have to put my thesis research ahead of everything else.

But I thought that I would get a post in about Charlotte. I’m watching the race right now,  my driver is running 45 laps down. Its alright. Charlotte’s good racing.

So what would you think, if you were sitting at your tailgate bbq- and Kevin Harvick walked up needing to borrow a car for the race? Or if Jeff Gordon was wandering around looking for tires that might fit the ride he drove to the race?

Well, friends, that’s exactly what it was like when NASCAR first started up.

Some of the best drivers didn’t even have a car to run- but fans (race fans are a special breed) were happy to pony up the family sedan in order to see a race.

And of course, we all know who Bruton Smith is now, but in the back half of the 1950s Smith and Curtis Turner decided that what the Charlotte area needed the most was a brand new speedway. They planned out the 1.5 mile course, secured the financial backing and started the bulldozers up. They promptly hit an entire field of granite- set just deep enough to not have been caught in the survey- and close enough to the surface to drain all their finances.

Remember a few years ago at Martinsville when Gordon ran over the chunk of the track, and it came up? Charlotte’s racing surface was curing the night before the cars ran on it for the first race in 1960, and huge pieces of the track came up once the cars hit.

A brief note, a few bits of history..to let you know that I was still here. And have the best intentions of making this a habit. But right now, there’s just nine laps to go and the 9 is closing in on the 31.