So, we all like the burn out, right? But how many of you know the Polish Lap?

NASCAR lost an amazing Driver in 1993 with the death of Alan Kulwicki.

Kulwicki hailed from Wisconsin, and won Rookie of the Year in 1986. He went on to win the Championship in1992, winning six races that year and beating out Awesome Bill by a margin of ten points.

He was the driver of the Hooters #7 Ford and was one hell of a perfectionist driver.  He was an owner/driver.  He won his last race driving a car that he nicknamed the Underbird!

Kulwicki is also the creator of the Polish Victory Lap. When he won, he spun his car right around and drove the opposite way along the track. He could see the fans, they could see him and being Polish, well…you can’t blame em for calling it the Polish Victory Lap, now can you.

It is rare to see a Driver run a Polish Lap anymore. But Jeff Burton, the Mayor, has often spoke with some disdain for the grandstanding of the burnout. I think, and correct me if I’m wrong, Burton might be the only driver who still has the old school blood in him to run a Polish Victory Lap.

I like to see Burton win and I love to listen to his radio chatter. He’s got a bit of salt and temper, but is always a gentleman.

Congrats on the win at Charlotte tonight Jeff- I’m always happy to see that backwards lap run. I’ve got my fingers crossed that you make it all the way in the Chase.

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