May 2009

Was the best race I’ve ever been to.
It was great to see regular people who were truly outspoken about the heritage of the sport, the history of NASCAR and what it meant to them. I loved every second of it.

It rained Friday, but it was a truly awesome experience to get to be part of the re-birth, if you will, of the Southern 500.

By the way, Mr. Harold King down there in the gallery? He’s been with the track for the whole 60 years! Can you believe it? These days he gives the invocation. He is a truly amazing gentleman, and I was honored to interview him for my thesis research.

By the way, (who am I, DW?!)  if you are in the area this fall, be sure to check out the Darlington Historic Racing Festival. I was so sad not to be able to go this last year, the drivers and people from the history of stock car racing who show up? Well, just about leaves me breathless. Information can be found on the Darlington site:

Your hostess, parked in a friendly neighbor's yard.

Your hostess, parked in a friendly neighbor’s yard.


So. This is the weekend of the springtime Southern 500.
Pretty cool. Pretty interesting.
You know. Transferring a tradition is a tricky thing.. but I’m guessing it will do just fine.

Darlington Raceway has gone ahead and repainted their track walls to look like the old Winston Cup days.
This pleases your hostess tremendously.
I’ll be out at the track all day Friday and Saturday.
The Lady in Black. The Track Too Tough to Tame. The Darlington Stripe.
hot damn, I can’t wait to get out there! ahem.

What would you like to hear about? Darlington has a great story- it was built because of a card game.. the infamous minnow pond.. The Southern 500.. the computerized re-paving of the track.. the Darlington Stripe.. the flipping of the front and back stretch.
The Gentleman of the track, Mister Harold.
I’ll think on it and tell you a good story. 🙂