I have been accepted to speak at my first conference. I am excited beyond explaining in my little blog here. Well, excited and of course terrified! Whatever will I say!?

Ah. Of course I do know what I will be saying. Not exactly, but I do intend to do my best- with a short presentation and a lovely power point- to let them all know how important the history of stock car racing is to American history.

The conference is in May. It will be held at the very nice looking Disney World Coronado Springs Resort. On the fun side, apparently there is a free shuttle between the conference and Disney World.

I am really looking forward to it. I need to revisit my proposal for the conference and begin to develop a lovely and concise presentation.


In other news! It is almost time for the Daytona 500! How excited am I for that? So excited.

I will be spending a lot of time at the ISC Archives. I am looking froward to that for the sheer number of people who come through there. It is walking history every minute. And I will be attending the Living Legends of Auto Racing Banquet again this year. I enjoyed my time there last year so very much. Unbelievable to sit at a table with men who were there when NASCAR was still ripping it’s way through the sandy turns instead of cookie cutter tracks. Pictures and updates coming- I’ll be there from next Tuesday through Monday the 16th.

I will also be posting over at SkirtsAndSkuffs which you should definitely check out if you haven’t yet. Even more gals writing about racing. We’re quite the bunch.